Realizing business ideas using innovative computer technologies

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Resolve existing technology problems

Whatever the issue: personal computer, file server, networking or the Internet, Saltz Consulting can correct it. With our diagnostic equipment and software analysis programs, the problem can be quickly identified and fixed.

Because we are a Microsoft Partner and are staffed with Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, we know our business.

And, having over twenty years experience with almost every type of business, from professional services, retail, manufacturing, non-profit and government, we can quickly understand the impact of any problem and how to solve it in terms of your particular business environment.

Streamline your business processes

Cut operational costs and simplify the way you do business with  new technology based solutions with our help.

If a software and/or hardware solution already exists, we can find it and make sure it will work for you.

We can create custom solutions that are economical and very maintainable. That is because we use Rapid Application Development (RAD) techniques that reduce software costs and development time. If new or replacement hardware is part of the solution, we have the experience to integrate both the hardware and the software together.

Technologies we specialize in: Going Paperless, Custom Software Programming and QuickBooks

Going Paperless: Electronic Document Management Solutions. In the simplest terms, Electronic Document Management Solutions (EDMS) are the processes of storing and tracking the volumes of information (paper based or electronic) you handle each day. These vital resources may consist of emails, faxes, forms, invoices, and other documents. As information expands, the ability to access specific documents quickly and easily becomes more complex. EDMS provides a way to ensure that the information your company needs is always available on demand. To solve this complexity, we are certified and trained to sell, install, configure and support the EDMS from CNG. Conveniently, this EDMS interfaces with QuickBooks and many other software packages.

Custom Desktop Application and Web Server Software Development. For our custom software development projects, we use the Alpha Five software programming language - exclusively. We highly recommend that all of your custom software be developed in Alpha Five - because it solves business process problems so well, much faster and less costly than any alternative methods.

Alpha Five, from Alpha Software, is an extensive software development tool for building desktop and web database applications - applications that include report writing, intelligent email, web connectivity, backend database access, data browsers, security, and more. Applications created with Alpha Five are used by Fortune 500 firms, governments, non-profits, professional practices, retail, manufacturers - just about every type of industry or profession imaginable.

From a business perspective, it has the outstanding attribute of being a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. Custom software programs developed with RAD are less expensive to create, require less time to implementation and are easier to maintain than more traditional methods. Because essential custom software programs are now much less costly to realize, business processes that would benefit from custom software programming that would be too expensive with traditional software development are now practical.

Custom Software Development for QuickBooks and other Software. Saltz Consulting has found that Alpha Five can be used to extend the capabilities of many standard commercial software packages, but in particular, excellent results have been achieved to enhanced the value of Intuit's QuickBooks line of accounting software packages, from the large multiuser Enterprise Solutions Editions to the smaller multiuser/single user Pro and Premier Editions. We are particularly qualified to create custom software program extensions to QuickBooks because we understand accounting, business processes and QuickBooks: we are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Master of Business Administration (MBAs) and certified QuickBooks consultants (QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors / QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors / QuickBooks Enterprise Solution Providers / QuickBooks Certified Point of Sale ProAdvisors).

Custom QuickBooks Reporting. QReportBuilder is a flexible report writer for QuickBooks which allows you to create new reports, or modify existing QuickBooks reports to suit your needs that are not possible from within QuickBooks. We have used it extensively in-house and have yet to find a business reporting problem that it could not handle - including binding data from other sources, such as Excel, Access, SQL (even with pictures) with QuickBooks' own company data in a merged report format.