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Electronic Document Management System by CNG

Greater business efficiency – leading to increased profitability – is the reason your business needs a document management and workflow system. Just look at some of the paperless office advantages you can realized: 

  • Quickly locate any type of document or office record - in seconds, by anyone. By using standardized document naming templates and filing structure, anyone can find someone else's (past or present employee's) document easily.
  • No more mind boggling frenzy from lost, misplaced or mishandled paperwork - a permanent copy of all documents that are readily available for viewing, emailing, faxing or re-printing from any computer - at work, at a customer's site or at home.
  • Eliminating stacks of space consuming paperwork clutter – all documents are stored electronically and organized for quick retrievable by computer access - anywhere.
  • Say no to repetitive time-killing paperwork retrieve and filing – share the same paperwork simultaneously among different people at their convenience via their own computers (but only with approved access credentials that you govern).
  • Experience the convenience of remote access to paperwork from outside the office - where Internet access is available at a field location, a customer site, at home or even in a vehicle with cell phone based Internet access with a notebook computer.
  • Save valuable office and storage space – substantially reduce the need for most filing cabinets, or in some cases, eliminate the need for filing cabinets on, or off, site with readily accessible copies of their paperwork stored in the document management system.
  • Effortlessly track paperwork flow and approval – know exactly who has the document, whether they have approved it, and upon its approval have it automatically presented to the next person in line for review or simply filed away.
  • Cheap insurance against disaster - have duplicate, backup storage of all electronic documents off site to recover from natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.) or building damage (fire, thief, water, etc.) affecting your business.
  • Works with all your software - including Word, Excel, QuickBooks, Outlook, e-mail clients, drawing or charting software, and thousands more.

If you are a QuickBooks user, QuickBooks Enterprise user or have a specialized software system such as in the medical/bioscience, legal, insurance, financial practice system areas, we have software interfaces that allow you to look up pertinent business information within your application and view the associated paperwork simultaneously on your computer screen.

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Alpha Five Version 9 - Desktop Application and Web Server Software Development Environment

Alpha Five is available in a "Standard Edition" and a "Platinum Edition".

Get the Standard Edition if you plan to use only the database engine built into Alpha Five for building your desktop or web applications (you don't have the option of building your web or desktop database applications against SQL data sources, like MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server).

Active-Link tables for read/write against SQL databases are not supported. Passive-Link tables are supported - but only for MS Access and MS Excel . You can import data, export data and use Xbasic functions with only MS Access and MS Excel.

Get the Platinum Edition if you plan to use Alpha Five with SQL backend data sources, like MySQL or SQL Server. (You can also use the built in database engine, as well.)

In addition to full SQL support, the Platinum Edition offers everything found in the Standard edition as well.

Although you can run applications in the development environment, you will want to buy either a Alpha Five Version 9 Runtime or Run Engine license, see below.

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Alpha Five Version 9 - Runtime or Run Engine Licensing, Desktop Applications

If you are building windows desktop applications that you need to deploy on multiple machines within an organization, then you will need to distribute either an Alpha Five Runtime or Alpha Five Run Engine with your application. Note: You (the developer) will need a full copy of Alpha Five in order to create the applications that you wish to distribute with the Alpha Five Run Engine or Runtime.

The key difference between the Alpha Five Runtime and Run Engine is that the Run Engine supports "active-link" tables, while the Runtime does not.

"Active-link" tables allow you to build Forms, Browses, Reports, Labels and Letters against SQL databases, and to work with SQL tables as if they were native Alpha Five tables. A Form or Browse that is built using an Active-Link table can do insert, delete, and update operations against a SQL database.

The redistribution licenses for the Runtime and Run Engine are also different.

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Alpha Five Version 9 - Web Application Server Licensing

The Alpha Five Application Server delivers web pages containing web components to your Internet users. Unlike desktop application, web applications do not require that the user have Alpha Five installed. All they need is a web browser.

This makes them ideal for offices that run a mixture of OS platforms, like Macs and PCs. It also means that you can access your application anywhere in the world if needed.

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QReportBuilder - QuickBooks Advanced Reportwriter

Making sound business decisions based on accurate and current information takes more than intuition - it takes reports that are based on real data that resides in your QuickBooks system.QReportBuilder allows you to design, run and reformat reports based on QuickBooks data, and merge them with data from Excel, Access, SQL databases, and any other data required in your report to answer your critical business questions NOW!

  • Full featured visual QuickBooks reporting - no more manual report creation
  • Merge QuickBooks data with data from Excel spreadsheets
  • Merge data from multiple companies or reports into one report with ease
  • Complete display control with drag-and-drop ease
  • Pre-built report formats and data structures - ready to run
  • Report Genie creates the basic report format with one click
  • Use filters and columns not available in QuickBooks
  • Create reports, custom invoices, mail merge letters, address labels.
  • E-mail reports as secure PDF, Microsoft Word, Text or Web HTML formats

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